CBD Hemp Oil For Pain

Should You Use CBD Oil for Pain?

CBD is available in many forms. Of these, CBD oil is one of the best options for fast relief. The benefits of CBD hemp oil for pain is supported by a bevy of studies and anecdotal evidence. It works by activating specific cannabinoid receptors in the brain. Once activated, these receptors signal the body to regulate a whole host of processes including repair, cognition, digestion, and sleep. Arthritis sufferers have reported significant relief after taking CBD oil. People have also reported relief from anxiety, depression, muscle pain, inflammatory bowel syndrome, and insomnia. But is CBD oil always safe and effective?
Most people can use CBD with minimal risk of side effects. However, there are a few exceptions. People taking Clobazam, a drug used to treat epilepsy, have experienced a sedative effect from CBD use. CBD may also interfere with Warfarin and Diclofenac. While more research is needed, it is likely that CBD can react negatively with other medications. As such, you should consult your doctor before taking CBD oil for pain.
Pregnant women and nursing mothers should also avoid taking CBD due to possible side effects on the baby. Other small studies and anecdotal reports claim that CBD may cause nausea, insomnia, and mood changes.
Of course, the purity and dosage of the CBD factor into the side effect risk. While CBD may help relieve pain, it won't heal traumatic injuries and may not be effective in treating pain from severe illness. Always buy CBD from a reputable vendor, follow your doctor's advice, and follow dosage guidelines to minimize potential side effects.

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