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We don't guess. We demand scientific evidence. 

At ChronicJointPain.com our mission is to provide the consumer with as much information as possible so that they can make sounds decisions. However, our sole purpose is to eliminate the dependency of prescription drugs, end the opioid crisis and promote natural healing.  We believe that Cannabis is the ultimate natural remedy and we will only promote products that have gone through strict testing to prove they are indeed all-natural. 

We succeed only if we are trusted. It is our goal to gain your trust and be of service to you the consumer. 

Both CBD and THC have become hugely popular with many states moving toward legalization. However, very savvy marketers are taking advantage of this and claiming Cannabis cures everything. This far from the truth. Our staff at ChronicJointPain.com is passionate about Cannabis, but we will not recommend a product unless they have gone through stringent scientific testing for effectiveness, purity, Potency, and levels of THC and CBD.

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